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[A] - CONVIDEO and the marriage of Web and television in 2011

. Because, as explained by the same Stringer, "180 million people watch video online and more than 65 million television able to connect to the Net will be sold by December." About a quarter of the total. Hence the idea of \u200b\u200bbringing
on the small screen all the riches of the Internet , but finally making them available through the remote control. How? Modeled on the app store for iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone, where today there are over 500 million apps downloaded more than 10 billion times, according to the calculations of the Politecnico di Milano.
A universe made of software, services, content and video games of all kinds, which paves the way for a different way of doing television . A completely different story, in short, compared to what we saw three years now able to connect to the TV network that allows access YouTube or weather forecasts. It is well ahead of the various Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Apple TV, Amazon Video Qriocity and through which to buy and rent Hollywood movies for a few Euros.
arrival On the contrary, it speaks for Italy in March, the first operating systems for the small screen with lots of integrated search engine . Organ systems containing the services of the past, add new ones side by side with traditional schedules and organizing the information online, suggesting that each case together with a specific serial, show, documentary. "Last year there was talk only of 3D," says Laurent Abadie, president Panasonic Europe. "Now they are dominating the tablet and the new TV. Open Platforms in most cases, based on applications ranging from video on demand services to electronic games. Not to mention the related devices equipped with motion sensors that have as their model of 'inspired by the Wii. We have developed an example application of fitness through a sensor on the wrist can calculate the calories burned. In short, the TV one step at a time are becoming multimedia windows through which convey different things
. It 's a closed world that is opening. "
"I think the TV screen is the universal
excellence, the most easy to use, "says Stringer." And again become the center over the next two years, the common ground for all members of the family. Begins to unite the power of the web, including social networks, entertainment television, streaming services, the app store. It 's the ideal platform to deliver more content through different channels. "" Smart TV ", in fact, then every major consumer electronics corporation named in its own way: Connect for Panasonic Viera, Internet TV for Sony, Philips Net TV , Smart TV for LG and Samsung, Places for Toshiba, Sharp Aquos Net. And, in case of external devices, the CuboVision Telecom.
To kick off the dancing, culminating in the big expo in Las Vegas was an opportunity to see all the new products together, it was Google with the introduction of Google Tv platform derived from the Android operating system for smartphones, embedded in the Sony Bravia and the Logitech settopbox called Revue, imposed the technology agenda forward. Now under reconsideration, the optimization software to the likely replacement of the Intel Atom chip with dual core of the Arm, the Mountain View project should start soon as Android Tv
"We're going all in same direction, "says When Kwan Sup Lee, vice president of LG at the head of marketing strategies for audio video industry. "It 's a very different scenario from the past, with lots of potential and pitfalls. Just think of the clash between Google and October on the one hand and ABC, NBC and CBS on the other." The advertising space on the Web are much cheaper than television broadcasters are not intended to be and snatch their business from the network or the electronics giant. According to IDATE, we speak of a turnover of € 121 billion, about 9 in Italy, to which are added many derived from subscriptions to cable TV and satellite. That's because the three American networks have blocked the view of their online content to Google Tv "It 's a sensitive issue," admits Howard Stringer. " The reality today is that nobody has a clue how to operate the television advertising market this new . Nor is it said that should there be one. I remember one scene from social networks, when Mark Zuckerberg refuses to advertise on Facebook not to alienate users. And he was right. These services run on complex equilibria and we are all trying to figure out how to move. "
The numbers, however, are known: the last quarter of 2010 revenues derived from the Apple iTunes App Store included, were worth just $ 1.2 million out of 20 total. The applications are therefore fundamental, strategic, but for the sale of the hardware. In the field instead of the content has always lead the way for advertising to Google as Mediaset, or subscriptions and payperview in the case of Sky or services to Netflix. But whatever the winning business model, no one wants to wait. Up for grabs are four billion TV viewers, starting with those who live in those 500 million households already served by broadband.


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